Majãz Dabke Festival

Kulturhuset, Kulturhuset Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo, Norway, Oslo

Majãz Kulturprosjekt and Kulturhuset invite you to you the second Majãz Dabke Festival, with a Dabke dance workshop by Oslo Dabke Klubb and concert by MAJÃZ Dabke Orchestra.

Come experience this century-old dance-style, popular among the majority of people in the Middle East region practiced across sects, religions and nationalities. Since a long time, Dabke has brought joy, warmth and happiness to the people. Now is the time to experience this as a regular part of Oslo cultural life. Because we deserve that.

Bring your family and friends and join us for a cultural night full of dance, great food, crazy live dance music and DJ the 23rd of June at Kulturhuset.

SHARE AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!! This is going to be crazy...

The festival sets off with a Dabke Dance Workshop, introducing Six-Steps, Jobi and Arab-style, followed by flavors of Middle Eastern Foods and live concert with MAJÃZ Dabke Orchestra. The band will be rocking a variety of Dabke music styles representing various Middle-Eastern traditions, including Mawwal, Ataaba, traditional and contemporary folk-music in tribute to all of you joining us on the dance floor.

Program: 19:30 - 20:15 Dabke dance Workshop (50 kr) 20.15 - 21:15 Warming up with DJDID 21:15 - 22:30 MAJÃZ Dabke Orchestra (live concert) 22:30-03:00 DJDID

The workshop will be given by a professional instructor from the Oslo Dabke Club and is open to all levels, suiting both those new to Dabke and those who would like to learn more about this special dance-style. We will introduce the Dabke styles of Six-Steps, Jobi and your classical Arab. Each style originates from different regions and has shaped cultural life across the Middle East throughout time. After the workshop, there will be a buffet of Middle Eastern foods to rejuvenate those who danced away during the workshop and welcome in newcomers. On the menu, we have Fattoush, grillet brød med hvitløl og Za’atar, Tabbouleh, Babaganoush, landbrød og Tahini- urtedip, bakt brokkoli med hvitløk og mandler and of course Hummous.

At 21:15 , MAJÃZ Dabke Orchestra will start of the concert and open Kulturhuset’s dance-floor to a live Dabke Dance groove. The band will play a wide variety of Dabke music, ranging from #Mawwal, #Ataaba, traditional and contemporary folk-music to welcome all dance-styles. Majãz Dabke Orchestra is one of 3 sets played by Majãz band, which is also known for Classical Arab Pop and Sufi concerts in and around Oslo.

Our musicians are: Saleh Mahfoud, guitar and vocal Rola Srour, vocal Jonas Cambien, synth & sax Adrian Mzhr, bass Shble Sleem, oud Michaela Antalová, drums Jamal Safi, percussion

After the concert, DJDID will give us more Dabke-style music and oriental vibes so we can keep our dance going until closing hours. So get ready, stop smoking and come hungry because it is going to be a lot of fun dancing together!