Adama Barry / Elona Planman - Naustet Viseklubb

SALT art & music, SALT art & music Festningsallmenningen, Norway Oslo, Norway, Oslo

Folk artist Elona Planman is an extraordinary musician and performer. When Elona is making jokes, the audience laughs, and when she sings an emotional song, they cry. She combines her amazing musicality and poetry with her fearless personality and charm.

Planman has made a name for herself in the folk genre, and over the past few years she's been touring Scandinavia, Europe and the US with #evighetsturnén

The happiness and the genuine spirit of traditional dance music are combined together in the music of Adama Barry.

Adama Barry grew up in Burkina Faso, belongs to the Fulani people and carries on their musical heritage with pride and love. The music is a unique blend of impulses and largely influential from east to west on the African continent in which Adama plays his hand made traditional flutes and string instruments.